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TVAIKONIS is full service dry-cleaner

You can entrust the cleaning of all types of textiles to our experienced masters.

We offer: 

  • Laundry
  • Dry-cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Clothing repair
  • Clothing dyeing (including fur)
  • Shoes repair
  • Feather pillow refurbishing

Who are our customers?

We provide washing, dry-cleaning and ironing services to individuals, companies, state and municipal institutions.

For more than 10 years we have been trusted by:

  • Individuals
  • Hotels, restaurants and guest houses
  • Car repair shops and workshops
  • Schools, kindergartens and nursing homes
  • Beauty salons, SPA
  • Fitness centers



Hausehold items cleaning 

We has a unique service that includes a wide variety of products.

It can be said that we clean absolutely everything - be it Dormeo mattresses, or all the well-known talking Fisher Price dogs, or motorcycle helmets, hockey uniforms, blinds, prams, business mascots, suitcases and huge bags, draperies, presentation tents or any other hausehold items.



Dry cleaning means solvent cleaning. After treatment clothes no additional drying is required.

If the stains are not cleaned after the first cleaning, they are rubbed with an intensifier and cleaned again, if after the repeated cleaning the stains cannot be removed, the cleaner offers the customer a third cleaning at 30% surcharge or returns the product to the customer with a receipt.

Down products cleaninig

Down products, if permitted (see manufacturer's mark), are usually chemically cleaned, as run-off may occur after washing, which is due to the fact that down-filled products dry for a very long time after treatment in an aqueous medium.
Down products that are only allowed to be washed must pay close attention to the durability of the fittings, as the long drying process can damage the fittings.


Leather products cleaning

Leather products may only be cleaned chemically by adding fat during the cleaning process, which preserves the skin's structure, impregnates and softens it. If one of the leather products is washed in water, it is damaged - hardens and shrinks.



Laundry is divided into straight laundry and on-line laundry. Straight linen includes bed linen, tablecloths, napkins and towels, while on-line laundry - laundry that is allowed to be washed, sorted by color and washed in one washing machine. It can be underwear, sports pants, t-shirts, thin sweaters, etc.
Each customer's laundry is washed separately, adding fabric softener, if necessary, bleach and starch (hardener). For laundry that is only allowed to be washed in cold water, hydrogen peroxide is added to the detergent, which enhances stain removal.


Natural fur cleaning

Natural fur is not characterized by smearing, but fur, both light and dark, as well as any clothing, must be cleaned. If it is sewn from small or medium-sized pieces, it must be taken into account that the fur may shrink when dry-cleaned or dyed. As with leather products, grease must be added to fur cleaning.



Carpet cleaning

The carpet cleaning process is divided into several stages, which include:

  • dry removal of dust and sand
  • carpet pre-treatment (to soften adhering dirt and stains)
  • washing with detergent
  • rinsing the carpet with fiber softener, etc.
  • impregnating agent
  • drying